Anna Ruth Williams

Founder and CEO, AR|PR

Find out how an Alabama native decided to put down roots in Atlanta and become an entrepreneur who specializes in publicizing other entrepreneurs. Learn from the lessons of a tried and true start-up maven.

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The Start-up Whisperer

Founders of tech start-ups know every in and out of their businesses. They specialize in wide-ranging innovations – from cyber security to health IT solutions to just about anything you can think of. That doesn’t mean these founders are necessarily experts on promoting themselves and the amazing work they do. That’s where Anna Ruth Williams and her company AR|PR come in.

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“We help start-ups, all the way to really large technology companies, do what we call ‘hashtag make news,’ ” says Williams. “Social media, media relations, analyst relations – we mix all of the different elements of communications together today to make really impactful results.”

An Alabama native, Williams founded AR|PR in 2012 to provide smarter communications strategies to technology leaders and innovative start-ups. Recently named Small Agency of the Year by a panel of national journalists, AR|PR has also secured recognition from PRWeek, PRSA Georgia, PRSA New Orleans, the Technology Association of Georgia, and more.

Williams chose Atlanta as home because the city is attractive to start-up entrepreneurs and for her own quality of life.

“Atlanta is really attractive to today’s entrepreneurs…in fact, I know several entrepreneurs who have brought a company from Silicon Valley to Atlanta,” she says. “Five years ago I moved to Atlanta and today…I have this tremendous network of friends and business relationships – and just a real community here.”

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An award-winning public relations agency for technology leaders and startups, founded right here in Atlanta.
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