Asif Ramji

President and CEO, Paymetric

See why a Canadian – via Texas – chose Atlanta to grow his payment security career. Hint: graduate talent and convenience for international travel were big helps.

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The Data Guard

The last time you bought something online, you probably briefly considered the security of your purchase. You made sure that you were shopping on a trusted site at a trusted company, and then you moved forward with buying your shoes, or e-book, or cat food, or whichever of the many purchases we make online these days.

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That’s thanks to companies like Asif Ramji’s Paymetric, one of the thriving firms in Atlanta’s booming financial tech industry.

“We take payments for large companies and integrate them into their back-end systems,” says the president and CEO of the Roswell business. “When a credit card payment is made, we capture that raw credit card number and turn it into a token, secure it, and then we integrate it into the back-end systems of these large clients.”

Ramji sees Atlanta as a natural hub for financial technology, largely due to the workforce and quality of graduates in the region.

“Our company was originally headquartered and founded in Texas,” he says. “We relocated it here to Atlanta because of that talent and the availability of talent.”

So how did the West Coast transplant with expertise in financial data security and a love for international cuisine end up in Atlanta via Texas?

“I grew up in Vancouver,” says Ramji. “There was a huge influence of international cuisine and international people. The perception I had of Atlanta was maybe it would be more limited. Maybe it’s just all barbeque and cheeseburgers and pizza. And it’s definitely much broader than that. And a huge reason for relocation here is cost of living…It’s just very cost effective.”

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