Chantelle Rytter

Founder and Captain, Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons

The Atlanta community is creative, innovative, and energetic. Learn how this Atlanta artist took her love of New Orleans’ parade culture and infused it into Atlanta’s art and culture scene.

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The Community Builder

Atlanta is a city of rich cultural diversity with a passion for creativity and fun. The art scene here is booming due to a friendly and supportive culture. However, despite Atlanta’s commitment to community and the arts, community parade artist Chantelle Rytter found something it was missing -- a parade culture that breeds civic play.

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“Civic play delivers the gift of civic kinship. It’s where we are creatively playing together on an artistic level. Know that this is a gift to the city because we are personally contributing to the cultural character of Atlanta. In doing that, it connects us, because we’re in this collaboration together.” 

To foster this collaboration, Rytter has established three lantern parades in Atlanta, one of which is the Atlanta BeltLine’s Lantern Parade. This event takes places annually on the first Saturday after Labor Day and holds up a light for the Beltline, a network of public parks, multi-use trails and transit along a historic 22-mile railroad corridor. Considered one of the nation’s most ambitious smart growth initiatives, the Atlanta BeltLine is transforming Atlanta’s future. 

With 254 different neighborhoods, Atlanta is truly a city of diversity. The BeltLine is helping to connect the city in a more pedestrian-friendly way, and Rytter’s Lantern parade does its part in completing that mission. 

“The BeltLine Lantern parade is a beautiful illustration of how the brilliance of individuals illuminates our community. Atlanta has really wonderful people and their creativity is off the hook. The people of this city are so fun. We have a civic play tradition now.”

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