Gennadi Nedvigin

Artistic Director, Atlanta Ballet

Learn how an award-winning ballet dancer came to Atlanta to lead one of the country’s first official ballet companies, the Atlanta Ballet.

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The King of Movement

As the culture capital of the south, arts and entertainment play a huge role in the Atlanta community. As the state of Georgia’s official ballet company and one of the nation’s oldest, the Atlanta Ballet is integral in supporting the city’s arts scene. That’s where artistic director Gennadi Nedvigin comes in.

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“My work as a director is to bring them the repertoire and choreographers that will help them shine on stage,” says Nedvigin. “My dream is for the audience to leave excited and inspirited. I want them to come back and fill themselves and receive more of it.”

As a Russian native, Nedvigin was attracted to Atlanta due to its beautiful greenery, which reminded him of where he grew up. Before taking on the Artistic Director role at the Atlanta Ballet, he performed as the primary dancer for the San Francisco Ballet. Like Nedvigin, several of Atlanta’s dancers come from other cities and countries, but have found their home in the vibrant city.

“I see now how the city develops and grows so fast,” says Nedvigin. “there is so much opportunity for the arts.”

Gennadi's Atlanta
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