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With the support of his home city, an Atlanta beatboxer turned his passion for music into an international career.

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The Beatbox Champion

Steven Cantor went from playing street corners to collaborating with The Atlanta Pops Orchestra. The professional beatboxer, known in music circles as “HeaveN Beatbox,” mimics and creates distinctive sounds, turning his vocal stylings into musical compositions. He has toured India, the U.K., Japan, and the United States, but it all started in Atlanta. HeaveN attributes much of his success to the city’s open environment for artistic expression.

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“Atlanta provided an outlet and resource to take my passion and turn it into a career.”

Before turning beatboxing into a full-time vocation, HeaveN graduated from Georgia State with a film degree and started to assist on commercial productions. However, off hours he would beatbox on the street, performing for passersby and quickly drawing crowds of hundreds of people. As word of mouth spread, opportunities began knocking. He caught the attention of legendary dance crew HaviKoro and in 2011 they invited him to join them on tour. Since then, he’s represented the United States in the World beatbox championships twice, and has been featured on Good Morning America, NPR, and the BBC. In 2014, HeaveN deconstructed beatboxing for a large crowd at Atlanta’s TEDxPeachtree.

“Atlanta is a place people can feel at home. It’s a place where you can build a future. The opportunities are here.”

Atlanta’s diversity of cultures blend together, to create an audience that’s been open and receptive to HeaveN’s music. However, musicians outside the city are sometimes unaware of the venues available at which to express themselves.

“I think the biggest misconception is there isn’t much to do here. Atlanta is a mystery to a lot of people. They hear about it but they really don’t know what to expect until they get here.”

HeaveN still lives in Atlanta but travels the world doing collaborative and solo performances. Even when he’s away, the city is always on his mind.

“When I’m gone, the people are what I miss most. The people here are really generous. They work together. Atlanta is a community-based city. There’s a lot of people who get together and put work into this community. That’s what leads to the collaborations, the pride in the city.”

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