Katie Peterson

Clinical Development Specialist, Northside Hospital

Meet someone who helps deliver new Atlanta natives to our city every day.

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ATL's Labor and Delivery Specialist

As a clinical development specialist at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Katie Peterson has a very important role. Her job is to ensure a safe labor and delivery for pregnant women and improve the quality of her patient’s visits. She believes that she was always meant to help people, a feeling that started at a very young age.

“My dad is a doctor and my mom is a nurse so it’s kind of in my blood. When I was in college, I got to follow a nurse and see a baby born. I feel like it was a light switching on inside me. It makes me feel alive to be a nurse. I started out as a pediatric nurse, then a job became available in labor and delivery. I took it.”

Although Katie originally grew up in a small tourist town in Missouri, she moved to Atlanta to grow closer to her extended family. She was a bit overwhelmed when she first moved to the large metropolis of Atlanta, but she quickly meet lifelong friends. She also gained many opportunities to build her career. Like many companies in the city, Northside gives their employees chances to grow within the facility and earn professional experience.

“There’s so many opportunities to develop your career at Northside. I started out as a labor and delivery nurse and now have a clinical development specialist position. I know many people throughout the system who have moved up. Northside takes care of their own.”

Katie’s job is to make sure Northside supports a healthy environment for mothers and children. Northside is committed to delivering Atlanta the best medical service and empowers Katie to reach her goals. Although working as a clinical development specialist is a very emotional and challenging profession, Katie found many ways to unwind in the city.

“Things I love about Atlanta are that I can walk wherever I want to go. I can go downtown to MARTA. I can drive to the beach in five hours. I can go to the mountains in one or two hours, lake in one, it just has so many opportunities as far as entertainment and hobbies. Atlanta is an artistic hub and a very culturally diverse place. We really do have it all here.”

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