Mary Moore

Founder and CEO, The Cook’s Warehouse

Atlanta is the culinary capital of the South, featuring excellent diversity and farm fresh ingredients. Learn how this Atlanta chef turned her passion for food into a thriving business, providing tools Atlanta chefs need to cook up delectable dishes.

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The Foodie Entrepreneur

Atlanta is filled with rich diversity in cuisine from all over the globe. With fresh, organic ingredients from local farms and award-winning chefs utilizing a bold combination of taste and dining experience, the city has become the culinary capital of the South. However, 20 years ago, chef Mary Moore noticed that chefs didn’t have a singular resource to purchase premium cooking supplies.

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“As I was cooking and looking for tools along the way, I wondered why there wasn’t a really great resource in the Atlanta market. After a trip to New York and going to every gourmet store I could find, I came out of one that had everything. It was the perfect resource and I said ‘This is it. I want to have a store like this in Atlanta.’”

Her visionary business strategy fit perfectly with the progressive changes in the Atlanta dining scene. The Cook’s Warehouse offers premium cookware, kitchen accessories, and unique cooking appliances. Additionally, their partnership with Sherlock’s Wine Merchant lets The Cook’s Warehouse provide some of the best artisan wines available.

“The food scene in Atlanta has changed tremendously. When I started out, there were very few really great places to go, especially chef-owned, eclectic restaurants. Now they’re all over the place. We are really lucky to live in a city with so many great offerings.”

As Atlanta stakes its claim as the culinary hot spot of the South, Mary Moore and The Cook’s Warehouse will continue to bring innovative tools and concepts to the chefs in this booming industry.

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As the ultimate resource for culinary folks in Atlanta, The Cook’s Warehouse meets all of your cooking needs.
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