Paul Judge

Tech Entrepreneur and Investor

A thirst for continuing his education and a talent for picking winning businesses to support has kept this cybersecurity specialist in Atlanta. Find out how he’s found success as a serial entrepreneur.

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The Company Builder

As a successful serial entrepreneur, cybersecurity expert Paul Judge has learned to see beyond the typical definition of “resources.” He’s found Atlanta’s talent pool to be “capital” that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

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“If you want to make a difference and build something meaningful, you need smart people. You need funding, you need a strong idea, you need passion,” he says. “The hardest part is [finding] people who are brilliant and passionate and really want to make a difference – and that’s what Atlanta’s rich in.” 

After completing his undergrad at Morehouse College and Ph.D. at the Georgia Institute of Technology, then holding CTO and other leadership positions at cybersecurity firms, Judge turned his focus to investing in the dreams of other innovators. He helps young entrepreneurs sort out what he calls the “dreamer’s dilemma.” 

“Do you take the risk of working on your own dream, or do you take the safety of working on someone else’s?” Judge explains. “There are more people who are facing this dreamer’s dilemma of, ‘Do I build something? Or do I take the safe route? Do I make a difference in the world, or do I do something less lofty?’ So we spend a lot of time trying to help people navigate that.”

This love of helping young entrepreneurs realize their dreams is the reason Judge says he continues to choose Atlanta.

“I love building companies here because, one, there are brilliant people here who are passionate about making a difference. And, two, the robust business community that exists in Atlanta. Then, it’s a fun place to live – just so much entertainment, culture, and options to make life fun at the same time.” 

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Featured talks and writings by Dr. Judge, recipient of numerous awards and inventor of nearly 30 computer security technologies.
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