Shanti Das

Owner, Press Reset Entertainment

Atlanta has always had something to say when it comes to music. Check out how this musical industry executive and The Hip-Hop ProfessionalTM helps musicians tell their story.

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The Hip-Hop Career Launcher

With a storied career in the music industry, Shanti Das knows that Atlanta is an artistic powerhouse. She is the founder and CEO of Press Reset Entertainment, which focuses on providing independent marketing strategies for musical artists. As an industry executive, marketing consultant, philanthropist, and author, she has obtained a wealth of experience since starting her career as a teenager.

“I was attending Benjamin E. Mays High School and I think I was a sophomore, and I had a friend who worked at V-103 here in Atlanta, I started volunteering and shadowing him and helping out any way I could. I was so excited by what was going on behind the scenes.”

She quickly gained valuable experience in the music industry. Das insists that Atlanta is a fantastic environment for creative artists in a diverse number of genres. Atlanta boasts a wide selection of music venues that cater to an array of styles from hip-hop and jazz to punk and metal. With the Woodruff Arts Center hosting the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra or FunkJazz Kafé helping acts like OutKast and Cee Lo Green get noticed, artists are drawn to Atlanta for creative acceptance.

“Atlanta is attractive to emerging talent and artists for the plethora of opportunities here. There are so many different showcases you can get involved with, all these different clubs where you can gig.”

Although she has noticed considerable changes in the music industry, she is confident in the many artistic outlets the city provides. She also enjoys the peaceful and relaxing nature of Atlanta and the bond among southern artists.

“There is a real sense of comradery with a lot of the entertainers that are from here. No matter how successful they get or all these milestones they accomplish and all these great places they get to explore and travel, the love is still here.”

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