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Where will you be working?


I’ll be working on the north side of town.

If your job brings you north of the city, then check out these neighborhoods and towns close by.

This is me!


I’ll be working on the south side of town.

If you’re working on the south side of the city, then check out these neighborhoods and towns close by.

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I’ll be working in Midtown or Downtown.

If your work is in the heart of the city then check out these neighborhoods and towns close by.

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I’ll be working on the east side of town.

If your work is east of the city then check out these neighborhoods and towns close by.

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I’ll be working on the west side of town.

If your job is in the westside of town, then check out these neighborhoods and towns close by.

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Where do you want to settle?


Take in the skyline

If your idea of the perfect backdrop is a city skyline, check out Atlanta’s Intown communities.

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Spread out a little

If you need space but aren’t ready to give up the city life, Atlanta’s suburbs put you right near the action.

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Take in the fresh air

Atlanta may be an urban oasis, but it’s also known for its plethora of open space and close proximity to farmland.

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How do you like to get around?


Roll down the windows and take in the view

If you love to hit the road, you’ll love taking advantage of the easy drive between Atlanta’s amazing neighborhoods.

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On foot

Many neighborhoods across metro Atlanta focus on live, work, and play, meaning your favorite grocery store, coffee shop, and restaurant are within easy access.

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No car, no problem

The Atlanta area public transit system will get you where you need to go.

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What type of energy do you thrive on?


Keep busy

Whether you’re into enjoying the great outdoors, trying out a new restaurant, or hitting a concert, there’s always something in Atlanta to keep you busy.

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Enjoy southern hospitality

If you’re looking for the laid back kind of lifestyle, Atlanta has a neighborhood for you.

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Take it easy

If you prefer things subdued, Atlanta offers plenty of places for a slower lifestyle.

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What are you going home to?

A home all your own

A private paradise for you and yours

Whether your dream is a brick house in the suburbs or an intimate American Craftsman Intown, the Atlanta area has a range of properties for you to make a home in.

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Townhome or Apartment

Your own slice of the city

Live among the action in one of the metro area’s many walkable communities.

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The best views in the city

We do urban living better than any other city. With vistas full of trees, there’s no place to live than up.

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How important is a family-friendly neighborhood to you?

Not at all

Enjoy a lively entertainment and nightlife scene

You prefer a neighborhood where playdate means happy hour, and restaurants don’t have kid’s menus.

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I'm flexible

Get the best of both worlds

Living in Atlanta means you can have the best of both worlds, including a place with a good school district and good nightlife, too.

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Kid-friendly is a must

A home for the whole family

You want the best schools, the safest neighborhoods, and the most fun parks to play in.

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What do you want your dream backyard to be?

A City Park

Take the outdoors with your neighbors

Who needs a backyard? The city has more than 3,000 acres of parkland and 33 recreational centers.

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A Private Oasis

A place to be completely yourself

Unlike other metro areas where backyard equals suburbs, in Atlanta, not only are backyards available in the city, many are affordable.

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Enjoy north Georgia’s natural beauty

With vistas overlooking the rolling hills, mountains, rivers, and lakes of the region, why not save Intown for the work week?

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How quickly do you need to get Intown?

Right now

I don't commute unless it's on a bike

There’s plenty of live/work communities in the Atlanta area that completely cut out your commute.

This is me!

In a bit

A half-hour drive gets you to and from work most places near the Perimeter.

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Got time to kill

If you’re cool with a 45 minute commute, you can make a home in the beautiful communities surrounding Atlanta, such as Alpharetta and Roswell.

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